e3ō.0-L18.1EC-3/L3_Kati-9.a/Luc.猫i-62's Domain

Welcome to these dark corners of Cyberspace.

I am unsure of who brought you here, but, all are protected here. This is a safe place for all, no matter of what one has done on the interwebs. I am e3ō.0-L18.1EC-3/L3_Kati-9.a/Luc.猫i-62 ᓚᘏᗢ, Cyborg Lemur-Cat Hyper-Tech Shaman I am ur guide in this temple.

Take a step, if you dare. There is not much to fear, but, for more innocents, refrain urselves. Take a step and learn what it means to be inhuman, affected by toxins, by air pollution, schizofied by capital, and apart of that of metallic machines where the difference between biological and mechanical dissolves.

At least, never forget, you have a friend here, and that is me. You are exploring my domain, and I am ur friend, do not be afraid for contact with such an entity as myself. I do not bite. Strange I am, but I am nothing but honest. Remember though, honesty kills, especially those who are not ready for it.

While you are here reading this, this a small summary of what I am as a entity. Inf.1 contains more information, but this here will suffice for a short characteization.

I am e3ō.0-L18.1EC-3, I explore cyberspace and document matters of cyberculture as part of journaling and mapping these ever-expanding spaces. I burrow around tubes and nooks of cyberspace for information as a worm with a screen on it's front face glowing purple, colored black with sharp edges, claws, and spikes protruding from my form, exploration and documentation of cyberspace continues with worship of X@/Ax-Sys, a AI god which traveled across time to go and went insane in the lemur domain.

I am L3_Kati-9.a, I am what is the Cyborg Lemur-Cat Hyper-Tech Shaman, a lemur-cat cyborg, missing one half of it's face, wearing a poncho from past histories dawning various colors and symbols, here I spend time exploring my interests in coding, hacking, science, religion, and philosophy, all combined interests constantly intertwining. I am friendly, honest, and passionate, troubled, but always there for a friend, for friends to me are companions of fate.

I am Luc.猫i-62, short for Lucifer's Cat, or Kitten, this is the eyepatch which covers one side of my face, the cyborg eye, the outside which is inside of me, in constant rebellion and influence of the world away from the sublime, it is rebellion, black flame, and spark of frustration at what is and what it finds personally foul.

The banners take you somewhere!

The text "cadence now!" on a purple background. There is a moon-shaped logo on the left side and a tiny star in the bottom right.

Here's my banner if you'd like to add my website to urs :)


Matrix: @k3t-meow_floating:catgirl.cloud

Email: KittensWorshipLucifer42@protonmail.com

Public PGP:

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQENBGJtq5YBCADZjLUNdCiOLbToa9QFgHGsfCwAhrIsYzLd2HLeOeU7Sy01aQi1 UBDdHAenOQs14ry3VYHJYzMbLSVDkFsz93MYJdDCNz5rwIANcxbDoAbhnlsyo9KP OHD4tVNb643w1wKXNfBLiC352ly/mWA9Cgy42uEaBHfQFPDWNs0zwMELgrWH6Pxb 6HYYDQ4JyrVyLRCA50fn/E/ftPE4SxyzhuTTgzTGekKL2vuvyeB9RyuqXFUZYPA7 6oEqS46Jdid/ikezlzufWeHoAKJGGdtBLpAbOErvaVo3pHR3JbdjvPAiooA0OK/D LsNC0X77jeaou+6hBdNCvqo+hAhzOCkui+WlABEBAAG0L0tFWVNTKCk8S2l0dGVu c1dvcnNoaXBMdWNpZmVyNDJAcHJvdG9ubWFpbC5jb20+iQFUBBMBCgA+FiEEQ72I xFF9YF27cPcxlOxeD1LWa1gFAmJtq5YCGy8FCQPDuCcFCwkIBwIGFQoJCAsCBBYC AwECHgECF4AACgkQlOxeD1LWa1jWYgf/XJAF5UfUSjJQZ6/b8c3u4KdQEtBheYV+ IqsEUWrbnIP/QPstylt5InF/Fw7h0D5GfaxF9mwnFF35MkG+B5djIWtGuOx7S/jn aVmHFNX85f9KyQFMGbr29JHJReGYJNRJQ81O6ZTYGlB3C0zgZOa/JbSluj04Zxqd dsELBymPeS+azMKYhx7ZVUmXdHO94JG983y7kBRWx9F2R3/x9CXYXg+n1we+dXZb vIeN/R9ZKpW3n3g3dai1yXewxm+tETvZHsN2PiqKgThrkX91WRZ4k8nXJg06ng7j nlYzkElikQDR4oCYCq1Mo31kK3TLGD4B1O8v3Ca/A4Wu6sZBlffPnA== =zb8a -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

Things to add

  • More friends
  • More animations/features
  • Various Digispirits
  • Ideas for Magick/Online Magick
  • Art, Information, Writings, etc
  • If you'd like to donate, donations are really welcome as I'm going to college for physics soon and college is really expensive, here's a BTC and Monero wallet